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An American Patriot's Book of Quotes

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About R. Blake Wilson

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R. Blake Wilson is a Father, Corporate Employee, Small Business Owner, American Farmer and American Patriot.


Born and raised in Springfield, Illinois in the shadow of United States President Abraham Lincoln and having achieved success and failure chasing the American Dream, Blake has grown to appreciate and admire the American story. He believes in the American Dream and the Pursuit of Happiness and has lived his life chasing both. His story is emblematic of an America where the individual is free to fail. succeed, fail and succeed again and again. His vision of American Unity is based on American Values and the United States Constitution. In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum, and Ordered Liberty. (2022)

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I read Mr. Wilson's first book, DON'T TREAD ON ME, ten years ago and had to immediately purchase JOIN OR DIE! I ordered it for my husband and have given it to several others who are also Patriots. This is a critical time in our nation for all Patriotic Americans to stand up for the LIBERTY we are entitled to under our Constitution and fight against the infringement upon our rights. Mr. Wilson inspires us to do just this with his reflection on our country's history and quotes from strong Patriotic leaders, past and current!

Patrice, Amazon Review

This volume is a terrific collection. Reflected clearly and insightfully are a well chosen group of quotes from leaders and role models of different times and places. As I reflect on current times, this book speaks to me with hope and peace. I can open the book to so many different pages that express a timeless wisdom. Thank you Blake Wilson for your tenacious attention to such a needed array.

Carol, Amazon Review

DON'T TREAD ON ME is a great, inspirational read. It reminds us of the wisdom and foresight our founding fathers had when starting this nation. Open the book to any page to read a short, concise quote from many great early Americans (Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, etc.) about the state of our nation. And best of all, the author has included quotes from many contemporary American Patriots (from both sides of the aisle) and you'll be again reminded of why our constitution is indeed unique and special.

Stephen N. Zelinger, Amazon Review

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